Monday, October 27, 2008

Check out the new blog!

We've moved the blog recently--so for all new updates and news regarding the NMB family, check out our new blog home at

Big ups to everyone for reading our posts! We'll see you at the new site!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hawaii International Film Festival

Come out this coming Tuesday night, the 14th of October, as the Hawaii International Film Festival showcases the best LOCAL music videos of the year!

NMB was tapped for our first music video--"New Rules," directed by none other than Ajax Starglider (Future Shock).

We'll be on hand for this FREE show, starting at 8:00pm at The Loft (115 Hotel Street) come out and support! Also on the bill is the homie Bless'dchil's video for "I Found You"....big ups to Bless for doing it big this year!

Come out and don't sleep!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

From the Groundup we pound up...

The groundup family was kind enough to let us do a set at their recent "Bound for Greatness" art/fashion/music show at the Hawaii Design Center----and it blew our minds! No offense to the groundup family, but usually Hawaii events don't attract more than 20 people at any given, imagine our surprise walking into a room with CHOKE folks....big ups to groundup for putting on a good show with incredible support. We all could learn a thing or two from these guys!
Mr. Elephant Armada himself....none other than DJ Eelz, aka Illstar, aka Mana! Former NMB beatsmith and DJ doing big things now with the groundup crew....congrats to Mana as he makes his way over to Kuwait---no kidding...dude is moving up there soon! What more beat for the road?!
We got up and had a fun time with the crowd---Wade had no idea that we'd be performing in front of such a large crowd so he came straight from the UH game..shorts and slippers style. I felt overdressed like a mo'...

Fun set overall--with a killer DJ battle in between...featuring some of the funniest ish I've seen in a while...between none other than the two Reyes brothers---DJ Memoirs and DJ Ligre.....

NMB's own DJ Memoirs came out on top for this one---killing it on the cuts and adding enough humor to take out his older brother...hahahaa..good stuff....
Peep the fresh visuals by the homie Shaun Castro---he's heading up to the PI soon...dude is on a mission! Also in attendance that night were Koak (GN, Earth Movers!) and Eukarest doing some ill painting....can't wait to see what the groundup fam has in store for us all the next time around. Big ups to the pirates!!! (

And a big thank you goes to the homie Aaron Yoshino who provided these incredible photos (

Until next time.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well.being, Wade and DJ Memoirs---this Saturday!

Come out to watch 3/4 of NMB perform at the latest installment of the GroundUp Family, "Bound For Greatness"...this coming Saturday, September 6th at the Hawaii Design Center from 8pm-midnight!

Dope new venue, tons of live art, photography, live music, DJ's, and yours truly (NMB!) will be holding it down with the GroundUp crew ( Should be a dope night, so come out and support!

Big ups to Noa, Koak, Elephant Armada and the crew for the invite! Wish Temper could be here for this one!

Siq of Lazy....

Last Saturday night, I had the pleasure of checking out the record release party for the homie Creed Chameleon ( for his latest album, "Siq of Lazy." Been a while since I've been out and about, and it was good to reconnect with the folks!

Big ups to Memoirs, Atypical Living, Honozooloo, RDSP, Blessd'chil, Perfect Median, Audible Lab Rats, T-Qron, Kimo's Braddah, and everyone else I ran into that night!
As usual, Blessd'chil and Perfect Median came with the heat---on the real, I am more and more impressed by both of these groups as time goes by....every time I see them do their thing, they make me glad to be a part of this underground scene. And, to top it all off, NMB affiliate and all-around sound-provider, DJ Memoirs, was on hand to rock the tables for both of these crews...big ups to Mems!

Finally, Creed hit the stage with DJ Revise and Educated Guess and rocked the crowd with some of his latest bangers....I still haven't heard the whole album yet, but from what I did hear, sounds like Creed has again set a new bar for Hawaii hip-hop. Dope energy, sick beats, and fresh writing....can't wait to see how far Creed can take this! Much respect Creed..thanks for a killer show..

Thursday, July 31, 2008

SEXY BEAST RECORDS....hahaha....

Well, the homie Lofa (aka Brian Leialoha, aka Mad Lofa, aka Half-a-lofa kung fu, aka Seifu of Wackness....honest, these are real aliases!) has finally made his dream a reality! He's putting out his first album--a mixtape composed by Jabba of the Armory entitled "Poked in the eye by love..." Be sure to support the Lightsleepers by picking this up everywhere!

Lofa's vision is to take these proceeds and start funding future Lightsleepers records.....all under the Sexy Beast label!

Big ups to Lofa--we've known this kid since high school--down since day one, and still putting in work!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Some things never change...rearrange" (while some things change like crazy..)

Been a while since I've posted anything on here...but life has changed a lot during the last few weeks! My wife and I had our first baby--an incredible baby girl born on June 7th....

Emma has been a blessing for us---and it's a trip to realize how much things have changed. Seeing your life change before your eyes is a crazy thing, but it has made me a better person and I wouldn't have it any other way.'s the headcount on the babies so far----Wade, check. Kavet, check. Vessel, check. Well.being, check.......dang...lightsleepers getting old!

Here's to the future. I for one am excited to see it unfold....